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Combating the Fake Drug Problem

Please see the following link to an article that was published on  It’s entitled “Time for a Global Treaty to Protect Patients Against Fake and Substandard Drugs” and discusses the work done by the Nigerian Agency for Drugs Administration (NAFDAC) to battle the growing issue of counterfeit and substandard drugs, including the use of a Thermo Scientific TruScan analyser


 “To Catch A Fake” – ABC 20/20 (very interesting!)

Watch: BBC World News clip in Kenya - includes TruScanRM for Counterfeit/Fake Drug ID

Watch: Boston Channel 5 - Counterfeit Drug Ring Focus of Federal Investigation

Watch the You Tube Video by famous US News Journalist, Dan Rather on: Fake Drugs in Africa

Watch how TruScan is currently being used in the War against counterfeit medicine in Nigeria - NAFDAC


Update on success in Nigeria: The Sun News Online: NAFDAC confiscates N5b fake drugs in 2 months 

Further update on success in Nigeria: The Guardian: NAFDAC boss issues deadline on authentication of antibiotics 

Reference to new book 'The Odyssey of a Survivor' by Dr. Paul Orhii (of NAFDAC)  

American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 'The Joint Interagency Task Force and the Global Steering Committee for the Quality Assurance of Health Products: Two New  and Proactive Approaches Promoting Access to Safe and Effective Medicines' 

News Medical - USP evaluates Raman device's potential to detect counterfeit and substandard medicines

The Fight against Anti-Counterfeit Drugs

Our handhelds get a mention in the book 'Phake' by Roger Bate

The Economist - Fake Pharmaceuticals, Bad Medicine