microPHAZIR Rx NIR in useWhen used together, our handheld Raman and NIR Analysers enable verification of 90% of pharmaceutical compounds anywhere in the manufacturing process.  (From raw material verification to finished product inspectionmicroPHAZIR Rx (Handheld NIR Spectrometer) for Lyophilisation applicationsmicroPHAZIR RXmicroPHAZIR Rx V4microPHAZIR Rx (Handheld NIR Spectrometer) for Lyophilisation applications

microPHAZIR Rx

Handheld Pharmaceutical Material Analysis - RMID, Qualitative, Quantitative, Lyophilisation...

The microPHAZIR Rx (formerly Polychromix PHAZIR) is the world’s first handheld Near-Infrared (NIR) analysis system designed for rapid on-site pharmaceutical material identification and analysis. The 2.75 lb analyser is battery powered and completely self-contained for truly portable analysis.

The microPHAZIR Rx provides pharmaceutical manufacturers with a new portable tool to meet increasing regulatory requirements (100% inspection), improve product quality, and reduce manufacturing costs. microPHAZIR Rx takes the power of NIR out of the laboratory into the warehouse and manufacturing floor to save testing costs, ensure product quality through increased testing frequency, while also reducing supply chain risk.

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  • Rugged portable handheld solution
  • Lightweight 2.75 lbs. device
  • Intuitive Color LCD screen
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion batteries
  • Long battery operation
  • Simple operation, no experience required
  • Minimal training required
  • Instantaneous (1-2 seconds) results
  • Non-destructive measurement
  • Results are logged in a on-board database
  • Fully programmable via PC software
  • Ready-to-use library with 100s of ingredients
  • Integrated barcode scanner 


  • Incoming raw material identification
  • Lyophilisation
  • Quality control and assurance
  • Counterfeit product screening
  • At-Line Process Analytical Technology (PAT)
  • Process troubleshooting
  • Quantitative analysis, multi-component

Regulatory Compliance:

  • GMP & 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
  • IQ/OQ/PQ qualification package
  • USP 1119 & EP 2.2.40 compliant
  • EMEA & PIC/S Compliant
  • Traceable standards available
  • Fully supported SOP documentation
  • Validation & SOP services available
  • Safe! No laser related safety risks

Click to download microPHAZIR RX brochure   to read the Lyophilisation application note: Determination of moisture in a protein sample using a portable NIR instrument


Click to view PDFClick to download a copy of Thermo Scientifics Portable Optical Analysis Product Line Overview: 'Material Identification Solutions for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Environments'

Click to view PDFClick to read the Lyophilisation (Freeze Drying - Lyophilization) application note: Determination of moisture in a protein sample using a portable NIR instrument.

Click to view PDFClick to view NEW data sheet: Thermo Scientific PAI Handheld Analysers Raw Material ID in Cosmetics 

Click to view PDFClick to view whitepaper and case study entitled: European Cosmetics Industry Faces New Test in GMP Compliance 









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