Polymers & Plastics ID

Identification of plastics and polymers is critical to quality control and quality assurance in a variety of industries. From food packaging to medical supplies, recycling to automotive parts, manufacturers are seeking a cost-effective material identification process that streamlines incoming material or finished product inspection without compromising accuracy.

With Thermo Scientific's Handheld Raman, NIR, and FTIR spectrometers, manufacturers can now obtain fast, accurate plastic and polymer identity verification within seconds. These portable instruments enable non-expert users to quickly identify materials with ease and convenience.

If you are in the Recycling business and/or interested in quick, cost effective, on the road, Handheld Polymer/Plastics and/or Carpet ID, you will be interested in our microPHAZIR PC - 'the Gun'!  Please click here to view details.









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Thermo Scientific - Portable Analytical Instruments Division also provide: TruScan Raman handheld spectrometer which reduces the need for quarantine areas and staging of raw materials and minimizes risk of exposure and contamination. Compliant to all relevant global regulatory, safety and commercial requirements, including UL intrinsic safety certification and support for 21 CFR Part 11. Portable cGMP - Handheld cGMP. Thermo Scientific (PAI Division) TruScan (Raman Handheld/Portable Spectrometer) for Anti-Counterfeit. Raman Spectroscopy. Handheld Spectroscopy. New TruScan RM - Faster, Lighter Handheld Portable Raman Analyser, Spectrometer. TruDefenderFT, Handheld FTIR Spectometer, Portable FTIR, Analytical FTIR. Portable NIR, Handheld NIR, microPHAZIR Handheld NIR Analyser, Portable NIR spectrometer, Handheld NIR spectrometer. Niton XRF - Handheld X-Ray. Portable X-Ray Analyser. Handheld Spectrometers. TruScan RM, TruScan handheld Raman system for rapid raw material verification. Portable GMP; Handheld GMP.