Recol 30 in Lab OfficeReCol 60 - Columns securely held in moulded drawer insertsReCol 60 - Easy Filing SystemTool and Fittings Tray for any ReCol system

ReCol - Innovative HPLC Column Management & Filing Solutions

Organise your laboratory, impress your auditors & free the time spent looking for the correct column for your analysis. 

Discard those column boxes and enhance your laboratory 5S principles.

ReCol is simple and compact and stops columns getting lost or damaged. Poor column storage can lead to reduced column performance and decreased lifetime.

Designed in consultation with several major pharmaceutical companies, ReCol is established as a world leader in HPLC Column Storage.  ReCol  securely holds most analytical and semi-prep columns in a high quality foam insert. It eliminates the possibility of damaging shocks to the columns and ensures that they can be easily identified and found in a central location.

3 Cabinet Sizes available

  • No more column boxes - Columns securely held in moulded drawer inserts
  • 30, 60 or 90 HPLC columns - easily filed and retrieved from storage location
  • Fits all end-fitting types, narrow and wide end fittings in flexible foam
  • All Steel - Solid Construction with Chrome-plated D-ring handles
  • Easy Identification - Column locations identified by row/drawer matrix
  • Small footprint - ReCol30 model - designed for benchtop use
  • ReCol60 & ReCol90 - Floor standing unit

Drawer Height

Acceptable Columns
2-25cm Length
2-16mm Internal Diameter

ReColSert - Tool and Fitting Tray for ReCol

Useful tray for storage of HPLC fittings and small tools. Fits in any ReCol Drawer.  9 compartments.

Made from durable plastic, this moulded drawer insert is useful in any HPLC laboratory for storing those easy to lose nuts, ferrules, unions, spanners and fittings etc (picture to left)

Simply remove existing foam insert and replace with RecolSert. 

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HPLC column filing systems . HPLC Column Storage.  Organise your HPLC Columns with ReCol HPLC Column Filing Storage Solutions.  World Leader in HPLC Column Filing Storage Systems.  ReCol30, ReCol60, ReCol90. Poor column storage can lead to reduced column performance and decreased lifetime.  Order ReCol HPLC Column storage NOW!  HPLC Column storage.  Organise your Laboratory. ReCol. Discard those column boxes and enhance your laboratory 5S principles.

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