TruScan RMTruScan RM & TruScanTruScan RMTruScan RM Handle (also used for TruScanGP) - ErgonomicTruScan RM Handle (also used for TruScanGP) - Ergonomic

TruScan RM - Handheld Raman Spectrometer for Raw Material ID & Anti-Counterfeit

The Thermo Scientific TruScan RM analyser is the next generation handheld Raman spectrometer for raw material identification and finished product inspection. Our lightest, fastest and most portable analyser is highly specific and performs rapid material identification at the point of-need to decrease sampling costs and increase inventory turns. Designed for intuitive operation, its non-destructive point-and-shoot sampling principle facilitates rapid verification of a broad range of chemical compounds through sealed packaging to minimize the risk of contamination and exposure. 

The TruScan® RM analyser builds on the proven capability of the flagship TruScan® 'Classic' analyser, which is now used in hundreds of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) pharmaceutical manufacturing sites globally, to deliver a state-of-the-art optical platform paired with a revolutionary embedded analysis package. The analyser also offers enhanced compliance features, as well as software and data management functions, designed to facilitate workflow and optimize efficiency in tightly regulated environments.

At just under 900g (two pounds), TruScan RM is less than half the size and weight of the proven TruScan analyser and delivers results up to five times faster. The TruScan RM spectrometer performs rapid material identification of a broader range of chemical compounds, even those for which Raman analysis was traditionally considered too slow. The analyser's built-in smart features and customizable security settings ensure confidence to comply with stringent regulatory requirements, while the new software helps make it easier to deploy in pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities to rapidly achieve operational efficiencies.

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Key Benefits Include:


Overall performance enhancements provide faster PASS/FAIL results, and enable quicker method development and data synchronization.


Enhanced 21 CFR Part 11 compliance security features, such as biometric log-in and optional password aging and complexity, allow users to customize the analyser’s security settings to exceed regulatory requirements.

Broad Material Coverage:

State-of-the-art optics allow measurement of materials which were once too slow for routine Raman analysis

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TruScan Raman handheld spectrometer reduces the need for quarantine areas and staging of raw materials and minimizes risk of exposure and contamination. Compliant to all relevant global regulatory, safety and commercial requirements, including UL intrinsic safety certification and support for 21 CFR Part 11. Portable cGMP - Handheld cGMP. Thermo Scientific (Portable Optical Analysis Division) TruScan (Raman Handheld/Portable Spectrometer) for Anti-Counterfeit. Raman Spectroscopy. Handheld Spectroscopy. New TruScan RM - Faster, Lighter Handheld Portable Raman Analyser, Spectrometer. TruDefenderFT, Handheld FTIR Spectometer, Portable FTIR, Analytical FTIR. Portable NIR, Handheld NIR, microPHAZIR Handheld NIR Analyser, Portable NIR spectrometer, Handheld NIR spectrometer. Niton XRF - Handheld X-Ray. Portable X-Ray Analyser. Handheld Spectrometers. TruScan RM

Why use the TruScanRM Handle?:

• Ergonomic Handling Option
• Facilitate single handed operation
• Optimise sampling for frequent users of the instrument